The Benefits Of Airport Transfers

As a taxi driver, you will probably be involved in a variety of types of work such as taking customers to and from pubs and clubs thus enabling them to enjoy having a few drinks. Another potential good source of income for a taxi driver is airport transfers. So, what are some of the benefits of airport transfers?

Well, airport transfers often involve having to pick a family up at say 3am to get them to the airport by 4am to check in and catch their flight that leaves at 6am to fly them to an exotic destination for a much –needed family holiday. It could be argued that a benefit in this is that it frees you up for other taxi jobs that come up at more sociable hours assuming that you get enough sleep.

Many people book a taxi several months/weeks in advance when organizing their holiday to take them to the airport. A benefit in this to you is that it enables you to plan ahead when it comes to taking bookings. It is also highly unlikely that a customer will cancel an airport transfer booking so the income is more stable than for jobs such as taking people to the pub.

You can often agree a set fee for taking people to the airport meaning that the customer knows exactly how much they will have to pay so are possibly more likely to use your service.  

As a general rule, you are more likely to receive a bigger tip for an airport transfer than for a local job to say a restaurant.

You are unlikely to have to ferry passengers who are, shall we say, a little worse for drink when it comes to airport transfers. If you pick up a group of people from the local pub then one or more may have had one too many to drink and if they are sick in your taxi that can put you out of business for many hours.

On a long journey when you take someone to an airport, you will probably get more miles to the gallon than if you made a local trip involving a lot of stopping and starting thus reducing your fuel costs.

We hope that the above gives you food for thought if you were considering whether to take on airport transfers or not.


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